Utilities at Pillar Ridge

sewer garbage

Pillar Ridge is in the Montara Water & Sanitary District (MWSD) which supplies water, sewer, and garbage franchise (Recology) to Moss Beach & Montara. Registered voters can vote for the MWSD Board of Directors, who sets or negotiates rates. 

  • These services are sub-billed by Pillar Ridge on your monthly rent statement.  

  • Monthly sewer rates for each fiscal year are determined by your water usage during the previous winter months (Nov 15 – Mar 15). 

  • Garbage rates depend on the size of the gray trash container you have chosen. Check at the office for more detail. 

  • Any issue you have with these services should be taken up with Pillar Ridge management.

  • Pillar Ridge owns and maintains the water distribution and sewer collection lines up to your utility pedestal. The connection from the pedestal to your home is your responsibility.


PG&E meters and bills Pillar Ridge homeowners directly for electric service.  

  • If you are eligible for low-income electric discount, apply to PG&E — use single-family application.

natural gas

PG&E bills Pillar Ridge for gas by master meter. Pillar Ridge owns the gas infrastructure within the community and sub-meters and bills you on your monthly rent statement.  

  • If you are eligible for low-income gas discount, apply to Pillar Ridge.  

  • If you smell gas, notify Pillar Ridge Manager (650) 728-3389. 

  • Be aware when digging in your yard, the gas lines are plastic and run through the back yards, as opposed to water/sewer lines which enter from the street.